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15.06.2018 > News
Evidence from Ramadan

Filipe Campante and David Yanagizawa-Drott studied the economic effects of the length of Ramadan fasting. In this context, the Washington Examiner article suggests that the Muslim holy season may actually separate wealth from happiness.

15.06.2018 > News
Thinking outside the box

It is quite likely that we have not yet gotten to the optimal tax system in practice. This conclusion shares Florian Scheuer in the latest Oec. Magazin.

In addition, Ralph Ossa shows that oranges and Harley-Davidsons can have an effect on the possibility of trade wars.

08.06.2018 > News
Co-editor of Theoretical Economics

As of July 1, 2018, Florian Scheuer will serve as a co-editor to the journal Theoretical Economics.

The Econometric Society promotes the advancement of economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics and publishes the open access journals Econometrica, Quantitative Economics, and Theoretical Economics.

08.06.2018 > News
AER Excellence in Refereeing Award

David Dorn and Joachim Voth received the AER Excellence in Refereeing Award for the dedication and time they devoted to the advancement of the field of economics.

The American Economic Review announced their list of awards for referees who provided exceptional service to the Review by a large number and quality of referee reports in 2017.

01.06.2018 > News
How high is the risk of social unrest?

When do workers resist the introduction of new technologies, either demanding protection from them or organising a violent reaction? This question is asked by Bruno Caprettini and Joachim Voth in a recent VoxDev article.

They conclude by pointing out that for societies to adopt better technology, enhancing productivity and wealth overall, they need ways to cushion the blow.

01.06.2018 > News
Nomination as best young French economist

David Hémous has been nominated for the prize as best young French economist, congratulations! In the interview with Le Monde, he explains that already at the age of ten he discovered that he could combine his taste for math with his interest in public debate.

«Le Prix du meilleur jeune économiste» was created by Le Monde and «Le Cercle des économistes» to value the work of young French economists.

24.05.2018 > News
Smarter regulations, closer integration, more rapid digitalization.

Sergio P. Ermotti recently held a speech at the Wirtschaftspodium on the future of Swiss Finance and what we need to do to enable Swiss banks to maintain their global success in the future.

He has no doubt that Switzerland can remain successful only if we are not content with just being good. Digitalization will be an important driver that will shape the future.

04.05.2018 > News
What are fair taxes?

In the current «Talk im Turm», Florian Scheuer explains that rent seekers negotiate their salaries at the expense of the productive and thus at the expense of the national economy.

Here it is certainly fruitful to raise top taxes. Like this, society can use the tax system to reduce inequality.

04.05.2018 > News
Redistribution measures against inequality

«Automation has led to a polarization in the labor market and eroded the middle of the income distribution», says Florian Scheuer in an article by Forbes.

The gap between rich and poor is growing, especially in the US - but do the top one percent of income distribution live at the expense of the lower 99 percent?

23.04.2018 > News
4000 years of fintech

The blockchain technology solves a problem that goes back to one of the first questions of finance.

This is explained by William N. Goetzmann in an interview with NZZ economics editor Jürg Müller on occasion of his keynote speech at the Wirtschaftspodium Schweiz.

16.04.2018 > News
Podium videos online now

You are invited to watch all the talks and discussions of the Wirtschaftspodium on our YouTube channel now.