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23.04.2018 > News
4000 years of fintech

The blockchain technology solves a problem that goes back to one of the first questions of finance.

This is explained by William N. Goetzmann in an interview with NZZ economics editor Jürg Müller on occasion of his keynote speech at the Wirtschaftspodium Schweiz.

16.04.2018 > News
Podium videos online now

You are invited to watch all the talks and discussions of the Wirtschaftspodium on our YouTube channel now.

09.04.2018 > News
What follows the Bitcoin-Hype

Do setbacks belong to new technologies or will crypto-currencies disapear into oblivion again? Will the price recover or continue to fall? «Finanz und Wirtschaft» asked Lewin Boehnke and Joachim Voth about this.

09.04.2018 > News
Can one still become rich through one's own work?

The total income shifts significantly in the direction of the capital owners, says David Dorn in an article by Business Insider on prosperity in Germany.

40 percent of the population alone are no longer able to save money. This statistic from one of the richest countries in the world fundamentally questions the value of our work.

22.03.2018 > News
«The ideal performance indicator does not simply lie on the street»

Ernst Fehr explains in an interview with Jan Guldner (WiWo) on the subject of manager bonuses, that the criteria of why someone should earn more or less, are rarely objectively and often easily manipulated.

It is important to separate the performance of an individual company from market fluctuations and other external influences in order to make the actual performance of the management visible.

22.03.2018 > News
Why the internet giants are too powerful

“In the US and many Western European countries, the emergence of the superstar companies has led to a decline in the share of employees in total income,” says David Dorn in an article by Bilanz.

22.03.2018 > News
How Trump’s Protectionism Backfires

A recent NYT article picks up the «China Shock»-paper. This seminal work by David Dorn, David Autor (MIT) and Gordon Hanson (UCSD) shows that workers in counties whose industries were exposed to competition from China lost jobs and suffered declines in wages.

18.03.2018 > News
Is capitalism abolishing itself?

«Breakthroughs are often achieved through state intervention and monopolists», says Joachim Voth in a commentary for Finanz und Wirtschaft. Exactly this, technological progress measured in economic performance, is increasingly missing.

08.03.2018 > News
Has «Swiss Finance» served its purpose?

Christina Kehl, Member of the Executive Board and Managing Director of Swiss Finance Start-Ups (SFS), will address this question at the Wirtschaftspodium Schweiz on April 12.

The film “FinTech Made in Switzerland” by Manuel Stagars opens up some insights into her thoughts and actions.

08.03.2018 > News
Simple moral code supports cooperation

In a newly published article in Nature, Charles Efferson (University of London) and Ernst Fehr discuss the stern judging rule and offer challenging questions for future research.

A study by Santos et al. assessing scenarios in which people judge each other shows that a simple moral rule suffices to drive the evolution of cooperation.

01.03.2018 > News
What is optimal tax policy? When is it fair, when is it unfair?

Hustlers, profiteers, superstars. “In the beginning, the question for me is whether people earn at the expense of others,” says Florian Scheuer in a UZH magazine article by Michael T. Ganz.

In any case, injustice can not only be determined by the pay gap, but above all by the inequality of opportunity, Scheuer adds.

22.02.2018 > News
The Wirtschaftspodium is fully booked

We thank you for the overwhelming interest and are looking forward to an exciting afternoon on April 12th. The event will be available on video.

16.02.2018 > News
How the use of robots affects middle incomes

There are indications for different countries that with the use of robots wages are suffering and jobs decrase, according to Florian Scheuer in an interview with Radio 32.

“It would make sense for companies to internalize the disadvantages for the workers”, Scheuer says with regard to a possible robot tax.

16.02.2018 > News
«It is desirable for a job market to allow for a variety of forms of work»

Atypical forms of work create additional freedom - either for the companies or for the employees. A commentary by David Dorn in Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Satisfaction with part-time work is higher in Switzerland than in Europe. Its popularity is made possible by the relatively high wage level in Switzerland.