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13.07.2018 > News
David Dorn on the Federal Council's WTO case

“If a very large country opposes international rules, then the international organization will have little additional leverage, “said David Dorn in an interview with SRF News on the Federal Council’s WTO case in connection with the ongoing US-China trade dispute.

12.07.2018 > News
How to keep Swiss finance in the game

New technologies, new services, new client needs – is the financial market at a historic turning point?

At this year’s UBS Center Podium economic historians and experts from the financial sector were divided on the question about the significance of today’s changes in finance.

12.07.2018 > News
Shaping the future of economic research

Does bank expansion cripple growth? How does working during pregnancy affect newborn babies? How can we reduce food waste? What are the right work incentives in disability insurance?

These are only a few of the questions that our senior scholarship holders address in their research projects.

12.07.2018 > News
New Policy Brief series

We are excited to announce the upcoming publication series titled ‘UBS Center Policy Briefs’. To get some insights, we sat down with editor-in-chief Florian Scheuer.

The Policy Briefs are a condensed and non-technical version of our top research papers. It covers a complex issue in a way that can help readers understand and decide about government policies.

12.07.2018 > News
Dollars and sense

Why are our financial decisions often irrational, leading to bad choices? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely answered this question in a very entertaining and thought-provoking way.

11.07.2018 > News
Heinz König Young Scholar Award

The Centre for European Economic Research presented the Heinz König Young Scholar Award to our senior scholarship holder Michael Stiefel.

He was awarded the prize for his excellent investigation into the role of the European Central Bank in instilling confidence for government bonds of European countries such as Spain and Italy during the government debt crisis of 2012. Michael’s paper constitutes a significant contribution to research on confidence building on the European financial market in times of crisis.

11.07.2018 > News
Excellence Prize in applied development research

With great pleasure we heared that Dina Pomeranz received the Excellence Prize in applied development research by the German Economic Association and the promotional bank KfW.

The honor is awarded for her co-authorship in “Dodging the Taxman: Firm Misreporting and Limits to Tax Enforcement”.

29.06.2018 > News
About the employment of women in Saudi Arabia

David Yanagizawa documents in a new paper widespread misperceptions on social norms regarding female employment in Saudi Arabia.

Together with his colleagues Leo Bursztyn and Alessandra González they correct the matters for behavior, which increases married men’s willingness to let their wives join the labor force.

29.06.2018 > News
The trade war is likely to be expensive

“In the worst case, this could result in a slowdown in global economic output of 6.25%,” estimates the economist Ralph Ossa in an article by the NZZ.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the United States, China and the EU will be involved in a trade war. What does a spiral of tariff increases mean for the global economy?

22.06.2018 > News
A costly escalation

When the world’s two largest economies are in conflict, that is particularly worrying. A total escalation would cost the global economy 6% real income, according to Ralph Ossa on SRF News.

By the way, Ossa will explain at his inaugural lecture in November why we need to rethink trade policy.

22.06.2018 > News
The arbitrariness of great powers

A reliable set of rules in international trade is central to Switzerland, so that the country “is not exposed to the arbitrariness of major powers,” said David Dorn in the NZZAS. “We are currently experiencing a turnaround in globalization,” summed up the expert on international trade.

15.06.2018 > News
Evidence from Ramadan

Filipe Campante and David Yanagizawa-Drott studied the economic effects of the length of Ramadan fasting. In this context, the Washington Examiner article suggests that the Muslim holy season may actually separate wealth from happiness.

15.06.2018 > News
Thinking outside the box

It is quite likely that we have not yet gotten to the optimal tax system in practice. This conclusion shares Florian Scheuer in the latest Oec. Magazin.

In addition, Ralph Ossa shows that oranges and Harley-Davidsons can have an effect on the possibility of trade wars.