19.09.2017 > News
UBS Center Forum: Register now!

At this year’s Forum, we want to assess the gains and challenges of globalization and to evaluate strategies for dealing with a potential globalization backlash. Featuring keynote speeches by Leszek Balcerowicz and Dani Rodrik.

18.09.2017 > News
The challenge of automation

David Autor (MIT) delivered the 2016 Zurich Lecture of Economics in Society at last year's Forum. "Technological change presents new challenges to each generation, but with the right policies in place, we can control and solve them," said Autor.

13.09.2017 > News
«US researchers prefer to come to Zurich»

The University of Zurich is the leading research-oriented university of economics in the German-speaking world and is now targeting the world's top. Director Rainer Winkelmann in an interview with the Handelszeitung on the future of and the challenges for the guild.

11.09.2017 > News
University of Zurich takes back first place in Handelsblatt ranking

The new position table of the VWL faculties in the Handelsblatt ranking shows: nowhere are there such research-intensive economists as at the University of Zurich. In addition to the behavioral- and neuroeconomist Ernst Fehr, there are so many distinguished experts in the meantime, that the university takes the first place in the new Handelsblatt ranking of the most research-intensive VWL faculties in the German-speaking world - by far.

11.09.2017 > News
Silcon Valley backs the Dreamers

Florian Scheuer offers analysis of the reasons why the Silicon Valley is opposed to Trump's decree to stop DACA and is backing the affected workforce with legal and moral support.

11.09.2017 > News
Super-companies are attacking

«There is no doubt that the growing market power of companies is associated with a declining wage rate», explains David Dorn the results of his empirical study in an article by the Bund.

07.09.2017 > News
Oskar-Morgenstern medal for Ernst Fehr

Ernst Fehr will be awarded the Oscar-Morgenstern medal for his outstanding research accomplishments in behavioural and neuro economics by the University of Vienna. In addition, he once again leads the latest economist ranking of the NZZ.

07.09.2017 > News
ERC Starting Grants for Dina Pomeranz and Florian Scheuer

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the awarding of its Starting Grants to 406 early-career researchers throughout Europe. Three grants have been awarded to researchers at the University of Zurich, two of which are holding a professorship endowed by the UBS Center. Dina Pomeranz will be investigating tax evasion in developing countries, focusing on the role of firm networks in Chile and Ecuador. The grant amounts to more than 1.2 Mio. EUR. Florian Scheuer has been awarded a grant amounting to 1.5 Mio. EUR, which will support his research on inequality and its implications for tax policy and political economy.

04.09.2017 > News
Economist Influence Ranking: David Dorn on the way to the top

Especially in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election Dorn's research has gained relevance. As a result, he was succesful in gaining media attention and recognition from politicians.