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Wirtschaftspodium Schweiz - 21.04.2016
Die Graue Revolution - Chancen und Risiken für die Schweizer Wirtschaft
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Joachim Voth has been invited to deliver the 2016 Hicks Lecture at All Souls College, Oxford. Named after Sir John Hicks, Nobel Laureate in Economics (1972), the lectures bring prominent economic historians to Oxford to give a keynote. Speakers in recent years have included Claudia Goldin, Joel Mokyr, Jeffrey Williamson, Christina Romer, Peter Temin, and Robert Allen. The lecture will take place on April 26.
Read Roberto Weber’s opinion piece on effective leadership which has recently been published in the Swiss newspaper NZZ. NZZ article (in German) Download Public Paper on Effective Leadership
Read about recent and current highlights of the UBS Center. In this issue, we feature Joachim Voth’s work on the economic history of conflict and sovereign debt. Furthermore, you will find several articles in this edition, which cover our recent events as well as the launch of the fourth UBS Center Public Paper, which focuses on how computers have changed our working life. Read Newsletter online
The UBS Center is pleased to announce that, on November 1, 2015, Joachim Voth was appointed to the Professorship in Macroeconomics and Financial Markets, endowed by the UBS Center. Voth has been Professor at the University of Zurich and Affiliated Professor at the UBS Center since 2014. On March 7, 2016, Voth will give his inaugural lecture on "Fear, Folly and Financial Crises – Some Policy Lessons from History." The lecture will take place at the main auditorium of the University of Zurich and will be open to the public. Profile (UBS Center Website) Research Feature (UBSC Newsletter)
The return on the AHV should be adapted to the production growth and demographic trends, the second pillar should be strictly guided by the market interest rates. Article F&W (in German)
To a certain extent shares are part of any sensible investment strategy. But history does not repeat itself - excess returns on equity investments are not guaranteed. Article F&W (in German)
Fabrizio Zilibotti has been invited to give the "Walras-Bowley Lecture" at the 2016 North American Meeting of the Econometric Society. The Meeting is hosted by the Wharton School and the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and will take place from June 16 to 19, 2016. Conference website
David Hémous explains how the quickening pace of innovation has made life both sweeter and more unstable for the mega-rich, and given the poor a higher chance of reaching the top. Insead Knowledge Article
According to the study, published in Science, families actually vary tremendously in matters related to cutting. This indicates that heterogeneous motives at the family level play a crucial role when parents decide whether to cut their daughters. The results question the assumptions behind many programs that attempt to reduce cutting. Worldwide an estimated 125 million girls and women are cut despite the fact that female genital cutting leads to serious health problems throughout life. Development agencies spend considerable resources each year on programs that attempt to reduce cutting. These programs are often based on the assumption that cutting is a deeply entrenched social norm arising from a strong need for families to be alike. Press release (UZH Mediadesk) SCIENCE Publication
The economists Hans-Joachim Voth (University of Zurich), and Nico Voigtländer (University of California) show that Germans who grew up under the Nazi regime are much more anti-Semitic than those born before or after that period. The share of committed anti-Semites, who answer a host of questions about attitudes toward Jews in an extreme fashion, is 2–3 times higher than in the population as a whole. Results also hold for average beliefs, and not just the share of extremists; average views of Jews are much more negative among those born in the 1920s and 1930s. Movie (German) Interview with Hans-Joachim Voth (German) Paper